Friday, January 25, 2013

L stands for ?

        I am not going to lie, I am super excited that I beat J at something since I am normally the biggest procrastinator in the world. We promised each other that we would both post tonight so our lovely followers (we have none, but hopefully one day) would be able to get to know us on a 1 on 1 level. Well here you go... one way to really know someone is by the music they listen to and whether they eat desserts in public. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's and why yes, thank you for asking, I love cake!!! As you can tell (from the name of our blog) we are two writers, (and from our email) that we are absolutely broke. We both just graduated from college and are trying our hands at the things that truly make us feel whole. Sooo cliche, we know, but so many people have the talent and not the drive... well, J and I have the talent and J sure has enough drive for the both of us! JK, but for real... 
         So lets see.. I really believe that there needs to be an new heroine for women to look to. I believe that we are strong and confident, and though romance is beautiful, I don't need a overbearing Christian Gray to come in and sweep me off my feet and tie me to anything. No thank you, I like being free, and not beaten. Also, there needs to be more main characters who are secure in themselves, and confident. I think there needs to be a realistic sense of what love is and not this warped view of the damsel in distress... and yet I am addicted to the Bachelor and Vampire Diaries... Hey... it's a start, am I right? 
           I am extremely irresponsible when it comes to anything and everything and completely spontaneous. In college it was something that was fun and carefree... now it is life threatening. My misplacement of the 20 dollars I set aside for gas and the late night run to Wal Mart for colorful pens to be more responsible doesn't seem so when you wake up realizing that you only had 4 hrs of sleep. So this is the point of this blog. It is to make me responsible specifically with my writing. It is for me to keep myself accountable and to fumble through the narrow and differentiating paths of my fellow writers... So J and I will post things, we will post our frustrations, our excitements, what is working for us, what isnt, encouragements, and so on. We will be real, which is something not a lot of people get to be because we are anonymous. :D hopefully this gave you some type of insight to who I am... 

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